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Re: Hypnotism/long reply

Jan 01, 1996 04:16 AM
by MK Ramadoss

This is a followup on the discussion that got started per a question raised
by Ann and Bee's response on building a shell.

Following is an excerpt from Talks on the Path of Occultism Vol 03 pp 709
Second Edition 1931.


When we go among evil influences we sometimes have to surround ourselves
with a shell in order to keep them off. The is often the best policy since
we are still very human; but to have to do that is to a certain extent a
confession of weakness. The absolutely strong man woman walks straight
into the middle of all these perils certain that they cannot affect him
her but that would not be a wise thing for all of us to do. Our force is
limited and by making a shell we can save ourselves from using up a certain
amount of it unnecessarily. ...

.. it is not in the least necessary that we should put ourselves into the
worst conditions. On the contrary we can often help more effectively by not
hampering ourselves in that way. If a man woman finds himself herself in
a peculiarly unpleasant crowd perhaps filled with savage feeling or
outburstof passion heshe cannot do very much with that crowd while
heshe is occupied in doing that. On the other hand if heshe were away
from it heshe would be able to pour more force....


It looks like one has to experiment and find out something to stop anyone
sapping our energies. Once this is accomplished we can start pouring good
forces to strengthen the person so that gradually the person will no longer
sap anyone's energy. BTW I am a learner in all this and these are just my


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