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Re: Acceptance & Resistance

Nov 29, 1995 02:57 PM
by eldon


>My interpretation of being a good theosophist is that you look
>at something even the writings of HPB with an open mind.

Yes. We read HPB with an open mind as we do the other great
writings of the world.

>If they sound true to your experience or intuition you may accept
>them. Perhaps you leave other things to be proven at a later date.

Again yes. This is what I refer to when I say that you may suspend
judgement on certain materials.

>Are we expected to make HPB our own individual authority figure?
>Is she as infallible as the Pope?

I think that your reaction against the word "authority" has to
do with its several meanings dealing with power and control.
In the West we don't want other people to tell us what to think
or do we're highly individualistic.

But I was not referring to those meanings of the word. And
authority does not have to mean being infallible either.
If we set aside the meanings of authority that deal with power
and control we have other more useful definitions taken
from The American Heritage Dictionary:

AHD> an accepted source of expert information or advice

Blavatsky would be considered an accepted source of expert
information or advice on the Path and specifically on
Theosophy or those doctrines given us by the Masters.

AHD> a quotation or citation from such a source

A citation from Blavatsky's writings would be considered
authoritative in a theosophical discussion in a scholarly
sense. That citation would show that a certain idea was
part of Theosophy as she taught it.

AHD> a conclusive statement or decision that may be taken as
AHD> a guide or precedent

Statements by Blavatsky and other representatives of the
Masters would be considered as an autority if they set a
precedent as to how we would lead the chela life or if
they further expound on the Mysteries.

AHD> power to influence or persuade resulting from knowledge
AHD> or experience

And Blavatsky herself although not unique would stand as
a personal authority figure as someone with the power to
influence or persuade others a power based upon her
knowledge and experience.

-- Eldon

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