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Re: Tuning TI Objects

Nov 29, 1995 02:39 PM
by eldon


>Having expressed my support for Theosophy International and "signed up"
>for it there are a couple more things I'd like to say about it.
> ...
>Accordingly I propose that if the other "signers" are willing we alter
>Object 03 as above and in Object 02 replace "the scientific method"
>with "science".

I've been wondering when organizational issues would come up with TI.
Right now since it doesn't charter branches it's more of an
independent T.S. lodge than a world organization. Alan is de facto
Secretary keeping tabs on the membership list tallying votes on
changes to the organization's charter etc.

The problem with informal organizations is that they quickly tend
to face the same issues as formally-defined ones. It's just that the
informal organizations often end up with an inner circle of people
running things and an hidden power structure.

Adopting formal structure is not a bad thing. It brings everything
out into the open and allows participants a bigger say in how things
will go.

I'm watching with interest how things will go with TI. But as a
new T.S. I'm not sure that it's a good idea for the theos-* lists
to be specifically associated with it.

The good that I think will come out of the experiment though is
that it will help people rethink the nature of theosophical
organizations and perhaps come up with some new approaches that
can be applied to the regular T.S. groups.

-- Eldon

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