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Tuning TI Objects

Nov 29, 1995 02:25 PM
by Murray Stentiford Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Having expressed my support for Theosophy International and "signed up"
for it there are a couple more things I'd like to say about it.

There's no trace of criticism in this but let's remember to be mindful
of the buildup of a subtle film around Theosophy International a
phenomenon that accompanies all new groupings and ventures. It is
necessary in one way for the sake of identifying the scope of interest
and activity that defines TI but needs to be watched. At a fundamental
level Theosophy International has always existed and what we're doing
is just recognizing it and expressing our alignment with it.

Regarding the expression of Objects I note that Alan's version of number
To encourage and engage in the study of comparative religion
theosophy philosophy and the scientific method according to
individual ability and inclination.

has the phrase "the scientific method" whereas JEM's version which I
signed up for only says "science". I might have missed earlier
discussion on this but I think that "scientific method" is too narrow
and doesn't fully reflect the intention behind this object. Science
includes scientific method and science is one of things we're interested

Also to extend the point I made before re Object 03:

To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
human potential and abilities.

Investigation of human potential and abilities is a worthy goal but I
feel it would be more in keeping with the original vision of those who
introduced theosophy in its modern incarnation to have the words

To investigate unexplained laws of nature and encourage the
realization of human potential and abilities.

This is more proactive and as long as we take "human potential and
abilities" in their fullest deepest sense seems to express the goals of
any compassion-aware action-interested theosophical organisation better.

Accordingly I propose that if the other "signers" are willing we alter
Object 03 as above and in Object 02 replace "the scientific method"
with "science".


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