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Re: Tuning TI Objects

Nov 29, 1995 02:06 PM
by guru

> Having expressed my support for Theosophy International and "signed up"
> for it there are a couple more things I'd like to say about it.
> There's no trace of criticism in this but let's remember to be mindful
> of the buildup of a subtle film around Theosophy International a
> phenomenon that accompanies all new groupings and ventures. It is
> necessary in one way for the sake of identifying the scope of interest
> and activity that defines TI but needs to be watched. At a fundamental
> level Theosophy International has always existed and what we're doing
> is just recognizing it and expressing our alignment with it.

Absolutely! Also to reach out with this mutual recognition
beyond cyberspace for me anyway.

> Regarding the expression of Objects I note that Alan's version of number
> 02:
> To encourage and engage in the study of comparative religion
> theosophy philosophy and the scientific method according to
> individual ability and inclination.
> has the phrase "the scientific method" whereas JEM's version which I
> signed up for only says "science". I might have missed earlier
> discussion on this but I think that "scientific method" is too narrow
> and doesn't fully reflect the intention behind this object. Science
> includes scientific method and science is one of things we're interested
> in.

I deliberately used the term "scientific method" as I have never
been quite sure what "science" is supposed to be. There are
individual sciences - like medicine mathematics and so on
which justify the term *because* they use the scientific method
- which I would like to see applied to theosophical ideas in a
similar way. I can studt theosophy *as a subject* but I cannot
do the same with "science". So - I prefer to keep the wording
as is.

> Also to extend the point I made before re Object 03:
> To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
> human potential and abilities.
> Investigation of human potential and abilities is a worthy goal but I
> feel it would be more in keeping with the original vision of those who
> introduced theosophy in its modern incarnation to have the words
> To investigate unexplained laws of nature and encourage the
> realization of human potential and abilities.
> This is more proactive and as long as we take "human potential and
> abilities" in their fullest deepest sense seems to express the goals of
> any compassion-aware action-interested theosophical organisation better.
> Accordingly I propose that if the other "signers" are willing we alter
> Object 03 as above and in Object 02 replace "the scientific method"
> with "science".
> Murray

I vote keep object 02 as is.
Change object 03 as Murray's suggestion above.

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