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Re: Acceptance and Resistance to Liesel

Nov 29, 1995 03:16 PM
by eldon


>My idea is you bat your thoughts & beliefs around for a while
>& if you just keep on disagreeing about the same thing over &
>over again you just agree to disagree & go on from there.

That's how things end up. And we've seen it happen that way
many times on theos-l over the years. Interest in a topic will
die down for many months perhaps a year than arise anew. Then
the same discussions come up again.

The other way I've seen it happen is where someone writes for
a while representing one viewpoint. After a period another
person feels compelled to step in "and set the record straight".
That is they feel their view is under represented and they
come in with their different ideas. A discussion ensues.

The important thing here is being patient with others. Let
them air their views. Disagree with them when you feel it's
necessary. But none of us should tell others to let us have
our say while telling them to stop with their arguments
which we've heard too many times and are tired of hearing.

Each of us should decide on their own when it's time to
speak up and do so respectfully without personal attacks
nor attempts to silence the differing views of others. And
at the same time we should be gracious in our reaction to
others when they differ with what we say.

>How's Brenda?

Brenda is fine. She's reading a series of books from the
1970's by a guy named Maurice Cook claiming to speak for
Master Hilarion. I'm not sure if I got his name right.
I'm not impressed by the materials in the books but Brenda
seems to like them. She's also active in the Ojai Co-Masonic
group taking a class at the Pasadena I AM Temple and
helping with the word processing for a scientific/metaphysical
book by a Japanese philosopher named Narayan.

Galina 05 is doing second grade spelling and math and
fourth grade reading in montessori school. She has spent
many hours the past few months learning how to draw with
the assistance of a fellow student in her school. Her brother
Geoffrey 13 months is into perilous climbing and has
unfortunately discovered how to plug and unplug things!

-- Eldon

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