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Re: Parochial Schools

Nov 26, 1995 10:04 PM
by Lewis Lucas


I have a wife who was raised in the Southern Baptist church but
it didn't "take". She left it in her late teens during the hippie
movement of the 70's. She found yoga on public television --
something else which has come under attach by the "budget minded" who
see little wrong with investing huge sums of public money on

There is a letter from a Mahatma that talks about the influence
our education system has on us. The spirit of "competition" which it
fosters was decried. I agree with you that individuals can and do
make their own choices to explore other systems of thought. It just
seems collectively we could support a more benign system than one
which puts so many at risk of being badly messed up. Sometimes it
takes years for them to find their way out.


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