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Re: parochial schools

Nov 24, 1995 12:52 PM
by bbrown

>>I think it's difficult to lateron change away from what you've been
>>indoctrinated with but it's not impossible. The things I live by now
>>aren't at all the ones I was brought up with. It took a lot of effort
>>& a number of years but it can be done to a great degree. You can't
>>remake yourself 100% but you can remake a goodly percentage to your
>Yes I'm sure that is true for some people especially if you're whole
family is
>involved a particular religion. There can be a lot of social pressure to stay
>with the crowd.
>Speaking from exprerience it took only a few months for me to turn my thinking
>towards the ideas given out by Cayce. My parents weren't too happy with
it but
>eventually changed their mind after I left home and got married. Maybe the act
>of leaving the nest and marriage make one look different in the mind of one's
>parents. You have left childhood and taken on the responsibilites of
>causing them to see you in a different way.
>Since I survived till adulthood I hold out joyful hope for any children that
>may be gifted or have questions. The answers may be there when they least
>expect them when they get older.
>- ann

There is also the time in a person's life when they get the internal prompt
to get on the Path and there isn't much that can be done to ignore it. If
one has been indoctrinated then it no doubt is harder to find one's way to
the proper path for oneself but somehow the urge will not go away. I think
that our higher self is capable of manipulating our circumstances to help
make connections come easier and we have to be able to recognise them when
we come across them. That little voice within whispers to us when we need to
notice something that relates to our quest.
It seems to me that many are looking in all sorts of places and getting a
bit lost in the process but something tells them to keep looking and after a
few years hopefully they will find the Path that is right for them.
Providing that help is how I see Theosophy. People come and go and maybe
only stay for a while but in that time they have found some answers to help
guide them onwards to where they are to be in this lifetime. Not all came
here to be Theosophists but maybe next lifetime some more may appreciate
what theosophy means.


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