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Re: parochial schools

Nov 24, 1995 03:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 035300 PM 11/24/95 -0500 Bee wrote:
>>>I think it's difficult to lateron change away from what you've been
>>>indoctrinated with but it's not impossible. The things I live by now
>>>aren't at all the ones I was brought up with. It took a lot of effort
>>>& a number of years but it can be done to a great degree. You can't
>>>remake yourself 100% but you can remake a goodly percentage to your
>>Yes I'm sure that is true for some people especially if you're whole
>family is
>>involved a particular religion. There can be a lot of social pressure to stay
>>with the crowd.
>>Speaking from exprerience it took only a few months for me to turn my
>>towards the ideas given out by Cayce. My parents weren't too happy with
>it but
>>eventually changed their mind after I left home and got married. Maybe
the act
>>of leaving the nest and marriage make one look different in the mind of one's
>>parents. You have left childhood and taken on the responsibilites of
>>causing them to see you in a different way.
>>Since I survived till adulthood I hold out joyful hope for any children that
>>may be gifted or have questions. The answers may be there when they least
>>expect them when they get older.
>>- ann
>There is also the time in a person's life when they get the internal prompt
>to get on the Path and there isn't much that can be done to ignore it. If
>one has been indoctrinated then it no doubt is harder to find one's way to
>the proper path for oneself but somehow the urge will not go away. I think
>that our higher self is capable of manipulating our circumstances to help
>make connections come easier and we have to be able to recognise them when
>we come across them. That little voice within whispers to us when we need to
>notice something that relates to our quest.
>It seems to me that many are looking in all sorts of places and getting a
>bit lost in the process but something tells them to keep looking and after a
>few years hopefully they will find the Path that is right for them.
>Providing that help is how I see Theosophy. People come and go and maybe
>only stay for a while but in that time they have found some answers to help
>guide them onwards to where they are to be in this lifetime. Not all came
>here to be Theosophists but maybe next lifetime some more may appreciate
>what theosophy means.

Different people come in contact with Theosophy in different ways
and are affected differently. Some do not join TS or read another book. But
I have seen Theosophy making a significant change in the outlook of a person.

Years ago I took a course on General Systems Theory which was
taught by a leading authority in the subject. The gentleman was brought up
in traditional southwester baptist circles and I thought a man who is much
into General Systems Theory can appreciate Theosophical framework and I gave
him the First Principles of Theosophy by C Jinarajadas and after reading it
he told me it is as if a door is being opened to a whole new world. The man
was in late forties and all the years of indoctrination came to an end
perhaps in a day. While he never formally joined the TS I am sure the
Theosophy changed the way he looked at the world.

Some of you may be interested in the anecdote.


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