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Re: Highbrow Chat.

Nov 24, 1995 03:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 032700 PM 11/24/95 -0500 you wrote:
>Hi all
>Just to say that Wanganui Lodge is on the move. We sold our old house on
>22nd Nov new moon and lots of conjunctions? and now have to arrange the
>alterations on our next Lodge. It is an old shop and it is one very large
>room with kitchen etc at the back. We will divide a bit at the front for our
>library so it can be shut off and we can make the rest available to other
>groups to rent. We are taking the front right off and getting a new one
>built. We have to pack up our 1200 library books and our chairs and other
>bits and be gone by 15th Dec. I am excited about all this and look forward
>to a new energy and enthusiasm with which to promote theosophy in Wanganui.
>A new image may help with this. I guess we will be busy for the next month
>or two.
>Regards to you all
Glad to know about the move. I hope the new location will be helpful in
the activities of the lodge and keep us informed of the progress. Best
regards to you all in the lodge.


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