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Re: Multiple Choice III

Nov 24, 1995 00:03 AM
by eldon


>"My humble opinions will just have to wait until I am done speaking." The
>foregoing statement was once made by a00 H.P.B. b Eldon Tucker c John R.
>Crocker d Richard Ihle e

Well ... As far as I know HPB is no longer speaking to us although
perhaps there's some channel claiming to represent her? I'm still a
student and finding myself learning new things as I read study and
write about Theosophy. JRC has left us but could always return to
tell us what we're missing on the other channels. And you've got your
work cut out for you if you're planning to get our grim faces to
crack a smile or two! <grin>

Seriously though the level of excitement and enthusiasm that we
bring to what we write about comes from our love of the material
from our love of the philosophy. And that takes us back to the meaning
of the term "philosophy": the love of wisdom. An important part of
the path is awakening the natural love of learning and wisdom in
both oneself and others. This leads to a desire to share what we're
exploring. We may show our new ideas like a proud father showing off
some baby pictures!

The problem comes when we take ourselves too seriously to the point
where the world stands or falls on whether we bring people over to
some particular point of view. We then get defensive angry when others
disagree with us and resort to fight or flight. We can come on like
a fire-breathing dragon ready to destroy all in our way or flee to
our hermit's cave never to see the world again. Is either good? No.
But we're defensive until we let ourselves be more open and willing
to discuss things in both friendly agreement and *friendly disagrement*.

When we come to the theosophical philosophy we can discuss what it
says and where we agree and disagree with it. But we don't have to
require absolute agreement with one viewpoint on it nor do we have
to allow for a blanket rejection of it. Our opinions of it are in a
way like a finger pointing at the moon. Let's make a respectful
choice of *which finger* to point with.

-- Eldon

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