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Re: Parochial Schools

Nov 22, 1995 08:54 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 113100 AM 11/23/95 -0500 Ann wrote:
>>Lewis: Good point Ann. We have several schools run by "Christians"
>>who are busily indoctrinating all the children they can get their
>>hands on. But doesn't that bother you?
>It particularly bothers me considering I spent four years of my teen years
>stuck in a dark medieval high school. When I graduated and went to the
>University of Illinois I thought I'd died and went to "heaven". But these
>places do soothe the minds of parents who believe their children are "on the
>right track" by going there.

I guess blind indoctrination is what is generally accepted as you do
not have to think. Just believe. Thinking takes time and energy.

Some months ago one of the 08 yr old child of one of my co-workers
started questioning the what was told at their church about what happens to
everone after death. To the little boy who was obviously using his logic
it did not make sense. So I told the boy's mother to let me speak to the
child for about 1/2 hour and told her I could give a possible hypothesis
based on Theosophy. I told her no one can be certain as what we all have
is not first hand knowledge. The mother was frightened that if her child
spoke with me he might end up completely rejecting what the parents and the
church wanted him to believe. I never had a chance to talk to the child.



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