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Re: Phists vs. Phers

Nov 22, 1995 08:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 110200 AM 11/23/95 -0500 RIhle wrote:
>No we all showed up as theosophers but were willing to call ourselves
>"theosophists" as long as we thought that term included our own spiritual
>advancement and the unique perspectives and articulations which necessarily
>flow from it. If we find however that we are more and more being
>"screened" for orthodoxy and "graded" for book-knowledge *theosophers* some
>of us shall be again until things change.

I hope this does not happen. The strength of Theosophy has always
been lack of orthodoxy and non requirement of any book knowledge. In
practice there is going to be some who cannot get out of their shell of
screening others and grading for book knowledge due perhaps to long
standing habit.

After all any amount of orthodoxy and book knowledge is of no
substitute for implementation of theosophical knowledge in our minute to
minute action with the welfare of our fellow beings as the foundation. If
all the knowledge and information does not aid in helping our fellow beings
they are just another intellectual exercise satisfying the self.


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