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Re: Phists vs. Phers

Nov 22, 1995 03:30 PM
by guru

> Richard's comments about Theosophists and theosophers resonate
> with how I've been feeling about the former. Herewith some
> contrasts:
> Theosophists are passive; theosophers active.
> Theosophists see HPB as a unique mediator between humanity and
> the Masters a Messenger with a capital M. Theosophers see HPB
> as a role model someone who sought and found direct contact
> with sources of inspiration and information rather than taking
> anything 3rd hand.
> Theosophists when presented with a new idea ask "how does
> this fit with what I already know and believe?" Theosophers
> in the same circumstances ask "does this have the ring of
> truth regardless of my preconceptions?"
> Theosophists see the Theosophical Movement as central to their
> view of history. Theosophers are centered in the eternal now.
> Theosophists consume theosophers produce.
> Theosophists analyze; theosophers synthesize.
> Just some variations on a theme.

I guess I'm a theosopher then! Well trying to be.

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