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Re: Phists vs. Phers

Nov 22, 1995 01:30 PM
by Lewis Lucas

> RI

> <snip>...

> Again: "I like to think of a theosopher as a person whose own transcendental
> progress has resulted in at least some personal knowledge of certain things
> otherwise
> inaccessible." Who else really belongs in a theosophical society?


At the risk of becoming the target of that great wit of yours I
wonder if you are familiar with the idea that we can learn from
others' experiences as well as our own? Or that we can improve
ourselves by association in thought word or deed with those who
already possess the virtues we seek?

> whose purpose is merely to study and perhaps worship those figures distant
> in time and space who had such progress and knowledge? No what individuals
> already know for themselves but can not yet satisfactorily say is the whole
> and entire reason theosophers seek one another out in societies and out of
> societies. *Theosophist* would be a good term for those who just sort of
> like the idea of the real thing.
> Let us meet as kings and queens or not at all. . . .
Lewis: Sounds very Leo-like. Once read a discription of a Leo as one
who keenly senses the royal nature of the soul and demands the same
respect accorded any monarch. However they also magnanimously confer
that respect upon all they meet.

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