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Re: PC usage and TV

Nov 26, 1995 06:14 PM
by guru

> I've overheard a conversation between my husband and someone from Olcott about
> tenative plans to let TS have their own web pages. There would also be
> something set up for greater communication between theosophists all over the
> world. The fulfillment of this project hinges on getting needed funding -
> something in the neighborhood of fifty thousand dollars - to provide dedicated
> equipment and software.
> The web the internet IMHO is the tenative shoots of the Aquarian Age. It's
> electric Uranian equalitarian. Everyone can get their say regardless of
> sex creed or almost anything else. I've seen a story on televison about a
> deaf college girl that enjoyed being on the internet because no one knew she
> had a handicap.
> - ann

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