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Re: PC usage and TV

Nov 26, 1995 08:18 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 074700 PM 11/26/95 -0500 Ann wrote:
>> The following newsreport appeared in the local newspaper. The trend
>>reported seems to indicate a good trend and we Theosophist may want to take
>>notice of. Future access to younger generation may lie in PC and Internet.
>I've overheard a conversation between my husband and someone from Olcott about
>tenative plans to let TS have their own web pages. There would also be
>something set up for greater communication between theosophists all over the
>world. The fulfillment of this project hinges on getting needed funding -
>something in the neighborhood of fifty thousand dollars - to provide dedicated
>equipment and software.
>The web the internet IMHO is the tenative shoots of the Aquarian Age. It's
>electric Uranian equalitarian. Everyone can get their say regardless of
>creed or almost anything else. I've seen a story on televison about a deaf
>college girl that enjoyed being on the internet because no one knew she had a
>- ann


Glad you overheard and glad to know about the plans of TSA to have
its own web pages. I also saw a msg from John E Mead about something in the
works. Will be looking forward to see it implemented. If you or anyone else
find out more about it please keep us all informed.

Like all other projects may be a fund raising appeal can be made to
the members and any contributions to the project should help speed up the
implementation unless funding has already been found or arranged. I would
be willing to make a contribution if such a fund raising project is initiated.

BTW one institution I am following up in the Cyberspace is the
Krishnmurti Foundation of America. Their WWW is up for several months. It's
is nice. Have you visited it? If not worth a try. The address is


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