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RE: Attracting Younger Individuals

Nov 26, 1995 08:18 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 114400 AM 11/26/95 -0500 Liesel wrote:
>Re young people taking over. That'll happen eventully in the natural
>course of things anyway as the older ones get more feeble. In the meantime
>I don't think it needs to be a dog eat dog type thing. I think anyone
>who belongs to a study center or lodge ought to have some input &
>be listened to no matter what age they are. It's only when you get a
>bunch of old fogies you can't move that you'd better either look for
>or start up another group. Seems to me that if you can establish a
>give & take situation the younger ones & the older
>ones can learn from each other. Each has a different outlook.

Liesel: I agree 100% with you. I have seen lodges overseas where there were
four generations of theosophists present at some of the important meetings.


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