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different ways to program

Nov 25, 1995 09:32 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

You could have a pot luck vegetarian dinner. people could exchange
recipes. You could assemble them into the beginnings of a cook book.
You could end the happening with some sort of a video tape or not.

We once did Buddhism.
I wanted to cover Karma Reincarnation Ignorance & Bodhisattva
I got quotes together from my Buddhist books covering
these 04 subject matters & typed them onto strips of paper.
We put all the Karma strips into a hat & each person drew one out.
Then that person talked about whatever the strip said & we all talked about it.
Then we put the reincarnation ones into the hat etc.

We once did healing
I kow Serge King's sort of so we used part of a video with him
demonstrating. after each section we tried out the healing method he'd
demonstrated. At the end we did a group healing with a
chant which was on the video.

Shirley Nicholson put out a manual "A Program for Living the
Spiritual Life". According to Shirley living a spiritual life has 04
facets.... study meditation self-improvement service. You can
discuss these 04 items with your group & you can mix in some of
Shirley's suggestions.

I'm just reading an anthology published in "95 "Buddism Through American
Women's Eyes".
one small episode: she's standing in a post office line playing
secret agent. She's doing her secret agent thing by radiating good feelings
towards everyone waiting there. Very apropos for Xmas time.
Here are some selection headings:
The Bodhisattva Peace Training
Buddhism & the 12 Step
Mothering & Meditation
Dealing with Stress
Abortion: A Respectful Meeting Ground
it contains a meditation for women contemplating abortion & also
those who've had one ... very human very loving very touching.
Forging a Kind Heart in an Age of Alienation

Starting in Jan hopefully my group is going to do a course Miami did last
year. At each meeting we're going to take up a chapter of "Stalking
the Wild Pendulum". We're going to take turns facilitating chapters.
Hopefully we'll do some of the experiements described in the
book & hopefully people will bring in & discuss periferal articles
from magazines. Angie from Miami sent me a whole folder ful of
articles her class collected. The book was published in 1988.
So maybe there's something more recent to use but I don't know it. I
think "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" is a good book to stimulate some
Theosophical thought.
Here are some of the chapter headings:
Sound Waves & Vibrations
An Experiment with Time
Quantity & Quality of Consciousness
Relative Realities
The"How To" of Intuitive Knowledge
Some Reflections on the Creator.

Maybe that'll give you some ideas. It doesn't have to be dull
lectures if you use a bit of imagination.


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