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Re: Parochial Schools

Nov 27, 1995 07:09 AM
by MK Ramadoss

At 101100 AM 11/27/95 -0500 Lewis wrote:
> I have a wife who was raised in the Southern Baptist church but
>it didn't "take". She left it in her late teens during the hippie
>movement of the 70's. She found yoga on public television --
>something else which has come under attach by the "budget minded" who
>see little wrong with investing huge sums of public money on

> There is a letter from a Mahatma that talks about the influence
>our education system has on us. The spirit of "competition" which it
>fosters was decried. I agree with you that individuals can and do

I am interested in the above comment from a Mahatma. It is true
today as it was true 100 years ago. Is it in the Mahatma letters to Sinnett?

>make their own choices to explore other systems of thought. It just
>seems collectively we could support a more benign system than one
>which puts so many at risk of being badly messed up. Sometimes it
>takes years for them to find their way out.

regards ...doss

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