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Re: theosophy & young people

Nov 21, 1995 11:22 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Ann wrote:
> Speaking as one of those aging boomers this stereotype of my generation has
> been around as long as we have. While I do know people such as you described
> I have known many more that had nothing to do with the image the media thrust
> upon us in those days. Wishing to splash something sensational across the
> front pages and TV screen they played up the few people who were chasing a
> dream through drugs and alternative life styles.
> Ninety-five percent of the people I went to college with 1968 to 1971 were
> middle-class kids trying to pay their tuition with part-time jobs as well as
> hitting the books. They just didn't have time for anything else. The wildest
> we got was to cruise over to a Greek restaurant for wine after our finals.
> Girls only no men allowed at those parties.
> As for myself my contribution to the search for alternative lifestyles and
> philosophies was joining the Liberal Catholic Church and reading Edgar Cayce
> books.
> Point is don't believe everything the media throws at ya.

So Ann did those of you who don't fit the sterotype maintain
your religious/philosophical associations of your parent's
generation? What prompted you to "search for alternative lifestyles
and philosophies"?

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