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Steiner schools

Nov 21, 1995 10:47 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>A friend who is managing editor of Education Week published in
>Washington sent me two recent issues because the second
>contains the publication's first ever mention of HPB. It is in
>a letter to the editor written in response to a glowing article
>the previous week about a Waldorf School. . .

I just read this post today so it has taken a while.

Is there much difference between a school that promotes the Steiner view and any
Roman Catholic school?

I remember attending a girls Catholic high school where all kinds of crazy stuff
was taught but it was tolerated because everyone was Catholic and had Catholic
parents. Even if a parent didn't believe a particular idea themselves they
kept their mouths shut because they wanted their kid in a nice safe parochial
high school. As opposed to the public one that had had gangs and bullets
whizzing over your head.

Perhaps the gentleman who wrote the letter needs to find a school for his
children that fits his viewpoint.

- ann

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