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Re: Steiner schools

Nov 22, 1995 12:56 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Ann wrote:

> Is there much difference between a school that promotes the Steiner
> view and any Roman Catholic school?
Lewis: Good point Ann. We have several schools run by "Christians"
who are busily indoctrinating all the children they can get their
hands on. But doesn't that bother you?

> I remember attending a girls Catholic high school where all kinds of crazy
> stuff was taught but it was tolerated because everyone was Catholic and
> had Catholic parents. Even if a parent didn't believe a particular idea
> themselves they kept their mouths shut because they wanted their kid in
> a nice safe parochial high school. As opposed to the public one that had
> had gangs and bullets whizzing over your head.
> Perhaps the gentleman who wrote the letter needs to find a school for his
> children that fits his viewpoint.
> - ann
Lewis: I have watched my sister-in-law's children change over the
past several years seeing them only at holidays. Their father did
just as you suggest and moved his family to Texas so he could send
his kids to his christain sects school. It seems like a crime the way
those kids have been ruined. They were kind affectionate kids only a
few years ago. Now they appear quite sullen and supicious of
everyone. They have been isolated from others who might question the
ideas they are being taught including their grandparents. I don't
know if encouraging the parochalism of our schools is such a good

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