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Thanks for the Help

Nov 22, 1995 08:42 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I have been on the Internet for a couple of months and it was not
till a few weeks ago that I finally located Theos-L. I had a vague
recollection that there was a news group on the cyberspace dealing with
Theosophy. It was a chance conversation with one of the participants in
Theos-L who is a member of TSA that I did find out the specifics of
subscribing to the newsgroup. The individual immediately faxed me one page
document giving all the information needed to subscribe and I joined you all
and I have enjoyed and greatly benefitted.

I owe a lot of thanks and gratitude to this individual. No need to
mention the good Karma he has earned by doing the good deed.

There are two reasons that I am posting this here. Firstly I felt
that I should publically acknowledge by debt of gratitute. Secondly to
point out that since even I who has been around Theosophy for some time
had difficulty in finding out newsgroup info we have to find out a better
way for others who may be currently or potentially interested in Theosophy
to find out about Theos-L easily and quickly.

The second is very important. I sent a e-mail msg in Sep 05
1995 to TSA in Wheaton and either it was not received
which I doubt or must have fallen thru the cracks of the administration
since I never received any reply. May be a reply was sent and was lost in
cyberspace which I highly doubt. This is not a complaint. We may be missing
opportunities by not promptly leading inquirers to the right spot in cyberspace.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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