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Re: theosophy & young people

Nov 25, 1995 01:19 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> So Ann did those of you who don't fit the sterotype maintain
>your religious/philosophical associations of your parent's

This is hard question to answer since I have lost touch with most the them.
The few I am still in contact with never strayed from their parents' religions.
Back then a boyfriend of mine and a close girlfriend tried to disuade me from
exploring alternative any religious paths. One guy saw the yoga book I was
reading and told me not to bother looking for anything in heaven. "There's
nothing up there but air" he said pointing to the sky. Sage advice from
someone who was barely 21.

Perhaps my experience was different in that I attended a commuter college in the
conservative Midwest rather than on the wild and woolly west coast. Maybe all
the action and all the photographers and reporters were out in California.

A Jewish couple I know have been faithful followers of Kriya Yoga for over 20
years. They still observe the high holidays with their family. One of the
things that got them involved in yoga was a class in Kabbalah that was being
taught by the swami.

>What prompted you to "search for alternative lifestyles
>and philosophies"?

Utter boredom. Philosophical loose ends and dead ends. Pat answers that made
no sense.

- ann

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