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Re: theosophy & young people

Nov 25, 1995 02:10 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

My parents didn't believe in anything. We had a Christmas tree &
exchanged presents but they wanted my brother & me to marry
someone Jewish. I did for some reason but my sister-in-law is Scotch.
My husband said he didn't believe in
anything. Lateron I found out that his mother was orthodox Jewish. So I
learned about being kosher & the Jewish holidays. Also because of her my
2 sons got Bar Miztwahed. Both of them married Catholic girls. One's
divorced & 1's happily married. My grandsons don't believe in
anything except that when they went to school in Europe for a number
of years they went to Catholic schools. When they became of age
recently I devised a brief ceremony 1/2 Catholic 1/2 Jewish to
welcome them into young manhood. That's at least something. My cusins
on my father's side are all Jewish. On my mother's side they're all
Protestant. One cusin married an African American & one of his kids is
just getting married to a Vietnamese. I also have a distant cusin who named
his daughter Shanti. With that eclectic family background I guess Theosophy
is a natural.

While my kids were getting Bar Mitzwah lessons I was searching
around in the Jewish religion. The only 02 things I remember is that
1. I committed the cardinal sin of on a high holiday coming to Temple
with the same hat as the School directrice; and
2. telling the Rabbi that our glorious heritage which he always
talked about wasn't enough for me to to live by I needed a
faith by which I could live today. I never got an answer. I never
found an answer to that in the Jewish faith until I knew a lot about
Theosophy & by then I didn't need anything but theosophy anymore.
I found theosophy when I was in my 40ies by accident ... well karma.
Before that no body & no book had ever shown me anything I thought
I could live by not the Rabbi not the Minister who taught
Comparative Religions in college. Theosophy & theosophists did. So here I am.


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