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Re: theosophy & young people

Nov 21, 1995 07:40 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Lewis Lucas:
> It seems to me that the baby boomer generation has been giving the
>social political and religious values of their parents a second
>look. Many left their famalies and churches to join the peace/love
>hippie movement in the '60's. Later faced with the responsibilities of
>an adult many returned to the models of the previous generation
>finding it impractical to work and raise children "stone free" as
>Jimi Hendrix put it.

Speaking as one of those aging boomers this stereotype of my generation has
been around as long as we have. While I do know people such as you described I
have known many more that had nothing to do with the image the media thrust upon
us in those days. Wishing to splash something sensational across the front
pages and TV screen they played up the few people who were chasing a dream
through drugs and alternative life styles.

Ninety-five percent of the people I went to college with 1968 to 1971 were
middle-class kids trying to pay their tuition with part-time jobs as well as
hitting the books. They just didn't have time for anything else. The wildest
we got was to cruise over to a Greek restaurant for wine after our finals.
Girls only no men allowed at those parties.

As for myself my contribution to the search for alternative lifestyles and
philosophies was joining the Liberal Catholic Church and reading Edgar Cayce

Point is don't believe everything the media throws at ya.

> As time and experience march along many are finding this formula
>doesn't work for them. And there are all those questions to which the
>only reply they can get is "You must have faith." It is through
>these cracks the light of thesophy must shine. If we can keep the
>fire lit maybe others will be able to find it when the need arises
>which is inevitable.

Yes there has to be someone holding out a candle in the darkness. Outreach is
important. It certainly was to me back in the bad old days of my youth.

- ann

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