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Re: Social programs dependence/independence myth

Nov 21, 1995 06:16 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Mike Grenier wrote:
> I suppose we could let the social programs consume all federal revenue as
> projected
> for about 15 years from now. At which point when money is no longer
> available we'll
> just have everybody go cold turkey. Hmmm.... I wonder what the karma would
> be then.
> It is because some are seeing the laws of cause & effect that change is being
> proposed today in DC. The answer is not to have lots of people dependent on
> social programs but to have social programs that teach people how NOT to be
> dependent.
> In some ways people were wiser in HPB's time.

HPB reportedly was not above offering those less fortunate than
herself assistance. To site one example read the story of her
unselfish sacrifice of her first class ticket aboard the steamer
which brought her to this country so that another woman traveling
with small children would not have to make the trip in bowles of the

If the American public was not constantly encouraged by its leaders
to resent every penny in taxes collected within the current plans to
balance the budget is a reduction of the onerous tax of over 28
percent on captial gains to a more acceptable -- for the time being --
19+ percent this nation might be able to provide some assistance for
those not fortunate enough to happen upon such a altruistic soul as
HPB. Perhaps in HPB's time there were more like her?!


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