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Theosophy & young people/membership

Nov 21, 1995 03:19 AM
by Lewis Lucas

It seems to me that the baby boomer generation has been giving the
social political and religious values of their parents a second
look. Many left their famalies and churches to join the peace/love
hippie movement in the '60's. Later faced with the responsibilities of
an adult many returned to the models of the previous generation
finding it impractical to work and raise children "stone free" as
Jimi Hendrix put it.

Theosophy has moral values and principles which could prove to be
much more practical and effective tools for guiding their and their
childrens lives. Within it are the keys which help "make sense" of
the experiences -- both those drug induced and those from the school
of "hard knocks". It is the hope of future generations.

It is our responsibility to find ways to place these ideas before
them and to support these ideas with "unimpeachable facts" drawn from
modern science and the collective experiences we all share.

As I look around me and listen I hear my coworkers talking about
the problems at home -- a sister on drugs a drinking husband
emotional scares from abuse by a previous spouse a son who has
dropped out of school and is continually unemployed a parent with
alzhemier or suffering from depression. With these burdens they come
to work dutifully to earn the money they need to provide food
clothing and shelter. These issues have faced each generation and
each has turned to the leaders of its generation for guidance.

Currently the most prominent voices in our society are telling
them to return to the values idealized in tv and movies from the
'50's which depicted two god-fearing but loving parents with
obedient and respectful children who managed to solve most problems
in 30 minutes -- though some took a little over an hour if it was a
feature film. Rugged individualism paired with a reluctant acceptance
of assistance from a close relative or friend and only after a
sufficent show of pride was the most frequent formula to happiness
with a cursory thank you to the All-mighty.

We are told if we will only attend our local church services
regularly offering our unquestioning devotion our children's open
minds and as much of our paycheck as our guilt will allow us to part
with we will be rewarded in heaven if not in this life. Our children
will grow up to be obedient and respectful our spouse will
faithfully nuture us meeting all our needs here on earth and God or
Jesus will take care of us after death. Oh and if any of this
doesn't work out just right blame it on Satan!

As time and experience march along many are finding this formula
doesn't work for them. And there are all those questions to which the
only reply they can get is "You must have faith." It is through
these cracks the light of thesophy must shine. If we can keep the
fire lit maybe others will be able to find it when the need arises
which is inevitable.

The epistles according to Luke:

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