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Re: Theosophy & young people/membership

Nov 21, 1995 08:24 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch


Re: if the formula doesn't work out "you must have faith".
The thing is theosophy *does* have answers to live by not only
faith. Just for instance I was taught that if one thing doesn't work
to use my smarts & try something else until
I find something that'll work in a particular situation.

The thing is
if you just talk philisophically about it it has a tendency to sound
boring. Somehow we have to make it sparkle & bring our experience in
the form of examples which mean something in the lives of young
people. For instance I was taught that when you have sex with someone
even if it's just a 01 night stand that act creates a Karma tie to that
person. That makes you think twice I think before you do a 01 night
stand. I don't know whether it'll make you go a different way if
you're 13 & "want a little baby to love real bad" but it's worth a try.


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