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Re: Astrological Karmic and Genetic Twins

Nov 21, 1995 08:03 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>However when a person considers the "overall philosophy" to be the result of
>a Divine Dispensation of some sort "synthesis" may just be the throwing away
>of the new perspectives which do not fit very well with the way the
>philosophy was originally articulated. Could this be the underlying reason
>why Paul's book continues to get such a sustained negative reaction from
>certain people? I mean by suggesting that actual human beings were the
>basis for the Masters does it not open up the possibility that the overall
>philosophy-cum-verbiage "conveyed" by them through H.P.B. is not indefectible
>enough to be in the category of Things Not to Be Changed?

As usual you present here much to ponder. The problem with
seeing theosophy as a divine dispensation is that our worldview will
stagnate with theosophy *as we currently understand it.* Sooner or later
we will have an experience called a Significant Emotion Event which
cannot be ignored or forgotten that will not "fit" into our current
This will result in either death failure to assimiliate or a change in our
worldview. Thus those of us with relatively flexible minds will grow while
those of us who are more rigid will stagnate and have to grow at a later time.

But the bottom line is that truth cannot be put into words and you can't put
it into a box with a pretty ribbon around it -- for very long. This is true for
theosophy and anything else.

Jerry S.

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