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Nov 19, 1995 12:35 PM
by Keith Price

I think we can all agree that texts from the past from Plato. Plotinus Buddhist
sages and Blavatsky are invaluable tools in that they confer a rationality and a
sense of community and tradition to the esoteric teachings. As we can compare
and cross-reference their commonlities we get a sense of foundation and "light"
on the spiritual path.

However we all have different strengths. Ken Wilber for instance seems to
have the ability to condense and psychologize/philosophize many of the difficult
teachings for a modern audience -he is a self-confessed pandit not guru. Don
from what I can tell has branced off into an almost medical examination of the
brain possibly in an attempt to explain and lead. Eldon to oversimplify again
focuses on a need to respect the teachers and the teachings as part of the
spritual path.

I honor all these paths. I have tried many things as many of you have. We are
faced. as Don said with a world that is glutted with information including
occult teachings and a world that would lead us quickly away from any serious
attempt to put them into practice. I think of my attempt with Zen meditation.
I felt somewhat betrayed when I found out that one had to embrace Buddhism with
all the statues wooden turtles and 13th century bric-a-brac if one was to
progress in many Zen circles. It's like you have to be a Catholic or
fundamentalist according to whoever in order to be "saved". Of course I
don't believe this but why do so many feel that Blavatsky had "it" but Bessant
and Bailey didn't? WIll we ever answer that question? I think not.

Needless to say I was drawn to theosophy because of its almost no holds barred
and non-ritualistic approach and strong intellectual elements. To be brief I
think Eldon is right in that we should honor the texts and those that have done
essential work but feel also like Don that we have little time to loose in
hashing over the past but move forward to what might be called "practical
occultism" in order to encourage a new way of handling our massive modern
energies whether in the outter world of technology or the inner world on the
mind and spirit.


Keith Price

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