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Re: Astrological Karmic and Genetic Twins

Nov 20, 1995 04:29 PM
by Donna_Faber

<Keith says re our ancestors "We relive their lives their loves their
hates". Yes but your mission is to become aware of this & modify it
to your own likeing. You go around in circles until you become
aware & then stop yourself from circling. Liesel>

'Tis true we go around in circles until we become aware; however my thoughts
are more that we do not modify it to our own likeing -- rather we keep
repeating ourselves until we learn the lessons we have set forth to ourselves.
We come into this life deliberately blind bound by flesh and blood in the
hopes that we will learn those lessons we set out to understand. If we do not
if we perhaps take the easy way in a lifetime then we commit ourselves to
doing it again and again until we learn. Of course perhaps there are times
when we enter into a life deliberately to assist the lessons for another. It
is in my humble opinion pretentious to assume we have so much control over
the universe to modify anything to our own liking."

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