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Nov 20, 1995 04:58 AM
by John R Crocker

Lighten up? Sure. That's pretty much the same response as the TS has to
anyone who thinks the current status quo is not just a bit off but
appalingly far from the size and scope of what the founders had in mind.
For my own part I care little anymore.
Just thought I'd see whether the envelope
might be pushed just a little ... to see whether "traditional" Theosophy
might ever be a comfortable place for discussions of actual inner life
and experience whether it might feel like a place were something more
than the tiniest fraction of the population might feel welcomed. If I
seemed at times overly strident it was perhaps because I was attempting
to articulate on behalf of the *large* numbers that touch Theosophy and
quickly and silently *leave* why they leave. As far as I go I
wouldn't in a million years express another bit of my own inner
experience here ... the environment is simply unsuitable. And since
I have no interest in obscure discussions of the finer points of
theoretical occultism I will as many have say ta ta. Enjoy
"traditional" Theosophy. Empirical evidence seems to suggest the strong
possibly that this may be the last generation of its current incarnation.

Toodles -JRC

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