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Comments on the Theosophical Network

Nov 19, 1995 03:08 PM
by eldon

Another aspect of the former Theosophical Network in addition
to the idea that anyone could be listed with a self-provided
personal description was that of projects. There was a section
in the Directory dedicated for listing projects describing
them for others throughout the world to know about them and
have the opportunity to participate through offering time
money moral support publicity etc..

The Directory would list individuals projects and theosophical
groups. The groups were listed using a naming convention that
emphasized a commonality across organizations. We might have
a "Los Angeles Branch [Adyar]" and a "Los Angeles Branch [Pasadena]".
There was no attempt to make one group seem better than another
although groups were mostly limited to those calling themselves
theosophical or having a claimed connection with the Theosophical
Movement like the Temple of the People.

With computers -- for those having computer access to the internet --
the Theosophical Network could be implemented in the form of a
Web page with links to other pages describing the various groups
and current projects. Notices of new projects or change of project
status could come through 'theos-news'. A Web server could be used
to keep an active database of those who would consider themselves
Theosophists and post listings to it.

This does not help of course people without the money for
computer access be they in the economic lower class in developed
countries or in third-world countries where costs may be prohibitive.
Something like a Theosophical Network Newsletter and Directory would
be useful to provide a newspaper-style communication of the same

The original effort on the TN ended after Rick Nurrie-Stearns assumed
full control of it being the last of its original managing committee.
He carried it for a year or two on his own with some volunteer and
financial support but felt the time had come to end it and allowed
it to fold. At that time he started Lotus Magazine and the initial
subscribers to the new magazine came from a couple of free issues going
to the TN subscribers. Since then I recall twice the topic coming up
of bringing the TN back to life but no one stepped forward to assume
the responsibility for the necessary level of work to sustain it.

We can talk about how nice such an activity might be but in the
short run I'd suggest that a humbler start would be a Web page
describing projects would be good. People on the computer would
"belong" by subscribing to theos-news to indicate an interest in
project announcements where active participation in the on-going
theos-l discussions is not required. And an email newsletter
could be maintained with someone in America England Australia
and perhaps the Far East could print out and distribute paper copies
to smail subscribers. These are just some basic ideas though and
need further work ...

The important thing with any approach is to not take on too much
but just what we are capable of carrying to completion and actually
doing it. If what we are doing is good and of benefit to the world
it will take on and grow. Otherwise we move on to other activities.

-- Eldon

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