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Re: Comments on the Theosophical Network

Nov 20, 1995 05:45 PM
by guru

> ... in the
> short run I'd suggest that a humbler start would be a Web page
> describing projects would be good. People on the computer would
> "belong" by subscribing to theos-news to indicate an interest in
> project announcements where active participation in the on-going
> theos-l discussions is not required. And an email newsletter
> could be maintained with someone in America England Australia
> and perhaps the Far East could print out and distribute paper copies
> to smail subscribers. These are just some basic ideas though and
> need further work ...
> The important thing with any approach is to not take on too much
> but just what we are capable of carrying to completion and actually
> doing it. If what we are doing is good and of benefit to the world
> it will take on and grow. Otherwise we move on to other activities.
> -- Eldon

I agree 100% - anyone able to set up a Web page? I already
print out a newsletter from another organisation for a few
interested people. Locally we could do the same for local
smail members. Finance where required would in the same way
be raised locally

Will Eldon I ask myself sign up?

Please send E-mail to:

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