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Nov 20, 1995 07:15 AM
by guru

> To be brief I
> think Eldon is right in that we should honor the texts and those that have
> done essential work but feel also like Don that we have little time to
> loose in hashing over the past but move forward to what might be called
> "practical > occultism" in order to encourage a new way of handling our
> massive modern energies whether in the outter world of technology or the
> inner world on the mind and spirit.
> Namaste
> Keith Price

here is a difference between "hashing over the past" and looking
into history for its lessons. Yes we honor the texts but we
don't I hope make "gospels" out of them. HPB CWL Annie B
all lied to us knowingly or unknowingly at some time or
another. To the extent that we can confirm their truths we
trust them and honor them; to the extent that we can confirm
their errors we trust them less - but we can still honor them.
Like us they were and probably still are fallible.

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