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Re: Bye

Nov 20, 1995 08:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

On 20 199511 John R Crocker wrote:

> Eldon
> Lighten up? Sure. That's pretty much the same response as the TS has to
> anyone who thinks the current status quo is not just a bit off but
> appalingly far from the size and scope of what the founders had in mind.
> For my own part I care little anymore.
> Just thought I'd see whether the envelope
> might be pushed just a little ... to see whether "traditional" Theosophy
> might ever be a comfortable place for discussions of actual inner life
> and experience whether it might feel like a place were something more
> than the tiniest fraction of the population might feel welcomed. If I
> seemed at times overly strident it was perhaps because I was attempting
> to articulate on behalf of the *large* numbers that touch Theosophy and
> quickly and silently *leave* why they leave. As far as I go I
> wouldn't in a million years express another bit of my own inner
> experience here ... the environment is simply unsuitable. And since

> I have no interest in obscure discussions of the finer points of
> theoretical occultism I will as many have say ta ta. Enjoy

I like your statement. We can go on discussing all the finer
points and some like me is interested in practical application of
Theosophy in dealing with the situations we run into where we may be able
to help our fellow human beings. May be it is a minority who think this way.

> "traditional" Theosophy. Empirical evidence seems to suggest the strong
> possibly that this may be the last generation of its current incarnation.
> Toodles -JRC

It may be time to reevaluate how Theosophy can help our fellow humans
in todays world. There is no need to give up.

MK Ramadoss

PS: My work is in the nature of personal service in the area of
consulting. Theosophy has helped me very frequently when I help
individuals. More later.

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