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Re: Liberalization

Nov 14, 1995 00:25 AM
by bbrown

>> So you see the events of the past few years as a
>> "liberalization" huh?
>Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! In fact I believe contrary to the
>overwhelming weight of current popular opinion that we are living in
>rare and wonderful times ... an era in which the fifth dimension the
>axis of probability as the physicists say ... but it might also be
>called the axis of *possibility* is on the the verge of being
>discovered - and even more important the means by which to achieve
>volitional movement upon it. But I need to write a longer post to answer
>yours ... and maybe a discussion about this would be a great idea. If
>there is any single most important thing I've taken from Theosophy over
>the years it is that a single human consciousness is capable of holding
>firm to a clear vision of a healed world ... and relating to the current
>world as though that vision is *already a fact* .... and that this tends
>to encourage others to believe it as well; and that *groups* of such
>people even very small groups can effect *large* populations if the
>vision is clear held by powerful minds charged with elevated and
>disciplined emotions and persevered in over time.
> Yes! I am full of hope for this world ... and believe I see the
>first surfacings of a sort of harmony that is difficult to see only
>because so few yet believe it is even possible so unprecedented is it.
> But I'm ferociously busy just now -:. I'll write soon.
> -JRC
Yes I agree. I have been following the new age stuff very closely and also
belong to some other discussion lists and I detect a trend in the
discussions towards belief in a 5th dimension. Now if enough people get the
idea maybe we reach the critical mass thing and it tips the scales in favour
of this idea. There is some odd talk from a number of directions about
strange physical symptoms that people are having. Many seem to be seeing
movements in their periphial sight and yet there is nothing there when they
turn their heads to look. Now this comes from the new agers and from some
newsgroups to do with ME and other debilitating sorts of illnesses.
Altogether there are a lot of people with ringing ears and muscle problems.
There is something on the wind and it is interesting to read the various
ideas about what it might be. In some of these newsgroups there is a lot of
support for each other and it is nice to see on that even on electronic
networks people can be there for each other. There is always a goon creeps
in now and then but they don't stay long.
I know that my reality has changed for me and I feel like I have a foot in
each world. Sort of says that what I really believe that is how it is and as
I realise that it gets even more obvious. Strange rather hard to explain
or maybe I am getting fanciful but it doesn't feel like that. Life is so
great these days and has been for long enough now for me to accept it
without wondering how long it will last. I think it is exciting to watch
where it is all going. I have every intension to be at the right place at
the right time so that I get to stay around for a while and see some of the
Regards Bee

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