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East Meets West

Nov 14, 1995 00:30 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>this. In fact I've recently been reading a Freudian psychologist who was
>>western trained but had occaision to practice in India who goes into
>>great depth about the very profound differences between European and
>>Indian psyches.
>It is not I think that the psyches are fundamentally different
>but that there is a greater degree of rigidity in western psyches
>making it different for Westerners to follow unfamiliar spiritual

According to Jung Easterners tend to be introverts
while Westerners tend to be extroverts. Basically this means
that yoga and meditation are more natural to Easterners
while rituals and ceremonies are more natural to Westerners.
We are of course speaking here in gross generalities.

Jerry S.

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