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Re: Theos-L

Nov 13, 1995 05:18 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 053000 PM 11/13/95 -0500 you wrote:
>> I am very glad to know this. As they say he who pays the piper calls
>>the tune the independence from any administrative or financial support
>>can only help free and open discussion of all topics of common interest.
>> ....
>> Even after TSA has its own WWW home page I think that you should
>>continue this forum as it can maintain its total independence.
>yes. I was happy to discover so many people Theosophists who belonged
>to the various organizations or none at all who liked the neutral
>environment for discussion. Even though the USA organizations all read
>this e-mail TSA Pasadena etc are all subscribed it seems that we have
>an environment where controversy is accepted and the *organizations* don't
>get upset at taking criticisms from members or others. it is kinda like
>a laundry room... a lot of dirty stuff gets aired out but it is an
>environment where dirty laundry is acceptable/normal. :-
Well intentioned and well motivated controversy is good in the long run.
Was not HPB very controversial and it was the controversy that brought a lot
of attention to what she was saying. She faced all the controversy because
she was willing to face them knew that it was very productive in making
people think. Fortunately at her time there was no big organization to deal
with. When there is an organization criticism may not be as welcome and may
even be treated as "unbrotherly".

>> Cyberspace allows fast and free exchange of information and views.
>>You are right about the members-at-large. At this time they have no
>>formal means of getting involved in a discussion on items of interest to
>>them. Moreover with the aging of population there are going to be
>>members who may not be able to physically go and attend a local lodge
>>meeting. If the present plans of coming up with a "computer" at $500
>>price range we will find more users getting on line.
>I and a few others actually considered trying to get Theos-L recognized
>formally as a TSA study lodge. At the time it seemed like a good idea.
>Fortunately TSA had By-Laws which formally caused this to be a problem.
>Now -- as you well know -- I doubt anyone ON the discussion lists would even
>WANT a formal connection.
>"Freedom is just another word for nothing-else-to-lose" - Janis Joplin I

We are in an age of change. Cyberspace has compressed the time and
distance in communication and a new form of "set up" is needed. It may not
fit into the traditional mold of Lodges Study Centers etc. with
qualification certification and all the organizational framework. In the
past physical contacat was needed to conduct most of the activities and
business. Now it is commonplace for many activities and businesses to be
conducted over phone fax computer communication Internet etc. In this
changed environment formal organizational structures which were essential
in the past may not be so now. Afterall is not one of the primary
objectives of "Theo Sophia" is to change the individual for the better and
for such a change a discussion group like this can work very well for many

This are just my views. I welcome input from others in this forum.

> i.e. It is hard to miss what you don't have; detachment IS
liberation. :-
>> I have seen some of the home pages of other "spiritual"
>>organizations which are doing a very good job of providing information
>>and enabling users order publications and other related material.
>Yes -- this was one selling point we used for TSA --- Quest books
>and other "advertisements". It can really disseminate information
>to those "wanting" it.
>peace -
>john e. mead

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