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Re: Dangerous TSA Bylaw Changes Part 01

Nov 13, 1995 05:23 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 080700 PM 11/13/95 -0500 you wrote:
>Dear Doss
>There is no bylaws committee. By laws changes are devised by the
>Board of Directors which contains one person from each region in the
>US. But you can get al this from the "American Theosophist".
>This time the membership is at least getting a chance to read the
>changes & express opinions before the bylaws are passed. This is a
>great step in the right direction. Under the
> President before John Algeo the board just passed bylaw
>amendments & then the membership was informed about it afterwards.
thanks for the information. does the bylaws allow bylaws to be revised
with no referendum at all?

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