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Re: Theos-L

Nov 12, 1995 08:00 PM
by M K Ramadoss

On 13 199511 John E. Mead wrote:

> >Was this forum formally approved or supported
> >either administratively and/or financially by the Theosophical Society in
> >America?
> hi -
> the answer is basically "NO".
I am very glad to know this. As they say he who pays the piper calls
the tune the independence from any administrative or financial support
can only help free and open discussion of all topics of common interest.

> I started these lists around 1993 after getting luke-warm responses from
> TSA regarding the establishment of a TSA-Internet presence. I think
> that their lack of interest was due to computer-culture ignorance I don't
> mean that to be negative; they were just "unaware" and I could not seem
> to communicate to them what I was trying to do.
I am new to Internet. But have been an active participant in local
discussions on local BBSs and I have been very impressed with the speed
and freedom with which information can be disseminated and ideas exchanged.

> there were really two reasons I started the discussion-lists:
> 01 The Theosophical Movement "moves" regardless of the various societies.
> Hence it was important to get theosophy into Cyberspace to balance the
> "stuff" which was already appearing there alot of New-Age etc. groups were
> already in Cyberspace. Basically the societies were "missing" all of the
> younger generation of active thinkers. Also the members-at-large are
> the largest group within the TSA and this allowed them to have a "lodge".
Cyberspace allows fast and free exchange of information and views.
You are right about the members-at-large. At this time they have no
formal means of getting involved in a discussion on items of interest to
them. Moreover with the aging of population there are going to be
members who may not be able to physically go and attend a local lodge
meeting. If the present plans of coming up with a "computer" at $500
price range we will find more users getting on line.

> 02 I decided that the best way to get the TSA interested was to show
> by example what they needed to be doing.
Even after TSA has its own WWW home page I think that you should
continue this forum as it can maintain its total independence.

> The TSA has now begun to make plans to get their own internet/server
> WWW pages etc. Fortunately John Algeo has seen the importance of this.
> They ideas are on paper and are pricing various options. They already
> have an e-mil address We have a small advisory commitee
> now working with TSA.

I have seen some of the home pages of other "spiritual"
organizations which are doing a very good job of providing information
and enabling users order publications and other related material.

> > hope that this helps explain a few things. >
> peace -
> john e. mead
> p.s. currently the Theos-L members like the unaffiliated status
> since it gives a neutral politically forum to discuss ideas. It assures that
> no single organization can dominate/dictate/censure the topics etc.
> Also I personally hold freedom of thought/speech/religion as the primal
> directive. I just ask that people try to respect their differences :-

See my comments above.

.. MK Ramadoss
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> John E. Mead
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