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Nov 12, 1995 08:12 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Jerry Hejka-Ekins:
> This quote doesn't do it for me either. Yes I see her
> expressing regret for not doing enough "remaining too passive"
> but I don't see that to mean that "she did nothing to stop it"
> and I certainly don't see how you can read into this quote that
> she "fanned the flames."

I don't. That's what I see in history.
> Is this a supposition on your part or do you have a quote
> from her or Sinnett showing that she "knew" these letters would
> be published? Remember these letters were not published within

Not published as is but used for the writing of "Incidents in
the Life." So the information in them would be published; HPB
alludes to this in the letters.
> 3. Allow yourself to be co-opted by the IC. To be molested you
> can: 1. Thumb your nose at the inner circle and continue to act
> according to your conscience. 2. Act according to our conscience
> and allow yourself to be hurt by their molestations.
and 03 eventually realize the worthlessness of their approval
and get over the hurting.

> You can't expect to make rules for these things. You had a
> choice to respond or not to respond. But suddenly choosing not
> to respond in the middle of a debate doesn't look to good.

But once I respond the "rules" are made by my antagonist and
all I can do is play by them and look good?? or decline and
not look too good?
> Why not? The more relevant question is why should I? What is
> to be gained? At what cost to me in time and energy? Who will
> benefit? The overwhelming consensus of people who have advised
> me in private email is-- forget it.
> Those are great questions to ask *before* making the first
> response.

20/20 hindsight. If I had realized the long-term nature of
that interrogation/debate whatever I wouldn't have started.
But of course this was not clear at the outset.
> I guess. But do you not care whether she took the trouble to
> seek out experts in the spiritual traditions she wrote about
> to learn from them firsthand?
> No.

Even though if she did not do so this renders her a liar on a
much bigger scale than my books suggest?

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