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Re Channelling

Nov 05, 1995 09:06 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Some comments & responses to JRC's "channeling":

< Problem with this
<is that psychology is coming to increasingly understand that
<"conscious self" that sits on the "throne" is far more of a
<democracy and an often unintegrated and unruly one at that with
<many different players than it is a single consistent self.
This is true. Although Jung was a monotheist and
proposed the Self one of his foremost students James Hillman
is a polytheist -- he proposes the Self is actually a collection
or aggragrate with each of the ancient gods/goddesses
representing one aspect.

< According to some modern psychology as well as writers like
<Gurdjieff that so-called "conscious self" that is allegedly so
<dangerous to surrender during channelling may not even exist in
<the first place except as a comforting illusion
This is also a central teaching of Buddhism.

< From a
<particular point of view *everything* a person says is
<channelled ... the relevant question being the *nature* of what
<is being "channelled" rather than the act of channelling.
This is pretty much my own view. I got this view
from the theosophical teaching that "thoughts are elementals."
Reference Purucker's essay Thoughts Are Elemental Beings
short but pithy essay which ends with the concept that
every elemental i.e. thought is inherently divine just
like everything else is inherently divine. A long time ago
says Purucker we too were just thoughts in the mind of
some being.

< In observing the inner worlds there appears to me to be a
<sort of physics a set of almost scientific mechanical principles
<that governs interactions between beings in general and the
<human persona and "higher" beings in the particular case of
This reminds me of my own 05 Laws of Monads:
1. The Law of Conservation of Mass: The number of monads in any
world system is conserved. The number of monads that enter a
world system must equal the number that will exist that system
2. The Law of Constant Proportions: Monads that combine to
form specific cosmic elements are always of the same type
within any world system. There is a fixed ratio of monadic types
that is characteristic of the combination.
3. The Law of Multiple Proportions: As the monads within a world
system evolve outwards from within they combine into discrete
groups called kingdoms. The energy needed to evolve from one
kingdom to the next is the same for each monad in that world
4. The Law of Equivalent Proportions: Only after a monad enters
a specific subplane of a plane can can communication be
established with other monads acting on that subplane. In
order for two or more monads within a world system to react
or interact with each other their consciousnesses must be
focused on the same subplane.
5. The Law of Constant Ratios: When monads interact together
their Not-I's worlds overlap by discrete amounts. The ratio of
the overlaps is equal to the degree of possible influence
between such monads.

The last two laws can be applied to channeling rather well.

I want to thank JRC for the excellent posting. It contains much
food for thought. I hope that Eldon Rich Patrick and others
will chip in with their own responses and opinions.

Jerry S.

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