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Re: Re Channelling

Nov 05, 1995 11:20 PM
by Jerry Schueler

<Say forgive my literary blind spot but what is this "Enochian
<Physics"? Is this a work of your own? And if so I would be interested
<to hear from whence you derived the laws of Monads you mentioned or
<maybe I should just read the thing.

Gee a chance to plug one of my books ...

Enochain Physics is the third book that I wrote on Enochian
Magic the seventh is due to be published in Feb of next year. It was
first published in 1988 and is now in its second printing. It is not
selling great but about average I suppose there are 10000
in print and the average book is said to sell about 7000 copies.

My goal was to combine magic with emphasis on Enochian
and science with emphasis on physics. As far as I know I am the
only one to do this in such depth lots of books combining science with
Eastern religions though. In the book I borrow heavily my critics
say too heavily on theosophy and especially on the doctrine of monads
which most magic schools don't use. In fact the current head editor at
Llewellyn criticized it as a book on theosophy rather than magic he was
not at Llewellyn in 1988 when it was published thank goodness.

Anyway it was a lot of fun to write. However it addresses
only classical physics. I would love to revise it to include chaos
theory string theory dark matter and so on which I wasn't able to include
back in the 80s. In the book I describe what I call the Enochian Monad
Model which suggests that we are all I-Not-I Monads. According to
my model we are each inherently a consciousness center I a world
Not-I and an interconnecting force called fohat. This is rather mystical
and not easily put into words. Most people have a hard time with it
because they want to see only one world that we all share through our
sensory systems. In my model we each have our own world and
owing to the formation of life-waves these overlap into shared areas.
Globe D in my model is really the overlapped area of all I-Not-I
Monads in the human life-wave undergoing evolutionary development
on the physical plane. All of the globes are thus collective efforts on
the part of their inhabitants. Anyway I then go on to use my model to
explain all kinds of magical powers and such. Basically the book
explores the laws of magic and science and compares the two.

I have seen this book in both used bookstores and in
libraries including Pasadena TS library the last time I looked
so you probably won't have to buy a copy. One problem
with it is that most theosopists will find it too heavy on the magic
side while most magicians will find it too heavy on the theosophy
side. Don de Gracia said that he bought a copy and read it but
he never got around to telling me what he thought of it could be
he didn't like it and didn't want to hurt my feelings? . In fact
I have gotten no feedback whatever from anyone on theos-l.
This is probably OK because I take criticism about as well as
Paul does. My main concern with it is that it leaves out chaos
theory which I have only recently been studying. Chaos
theory gives us a whole new slant to the magic-science
relationship. Hope this helps.

Jerry S.

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