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Re: Re Channelling

Nov 06, 1995 07:43 AM
by John R Crocker

On 06 199511 Jerry Schueler wrote:
> Anyway it was a lot of fun to write. However it addresses
> only classical physics. I would love to revise it to include chaos
> theory string theory dark matter and so on which I wasn't able to include
> back in the 80s. In the book I describe what I call the Enochian Monad
> Model which suggests that we are all I-Not-I Monads. According to
> my model we are each inherently a consciousness center I a world
> Not-I and an interconnecting force called fohat. This is rather mystical
> and not easily put into words. Most people have a hard time with it
> because they want to see only one world that we all share through our
> sensory systems. In my model we each have our own world and
> owing to the formation of life-waves these overlap into shared areas.
> Globe D in my model is really the overlapped area of all I-Not-I
> Monads in the human life-wave undergoing evolutionary development
> on the physical plane. All of the globes are thus collective efforts on
> the part of their inhabitants. Anyway I then go on to use my model to
> explain all kinds of magical powers and such. Basically the book
> explores the laws of magic and science and compares the two.
I'll have to look at this ... is this model more explicit in any
one of the books you speak of? [I'm actually writing on somewhat similar
of a concept right now .... got a book half done and you're right it
*is* tricky to talk about - and I'm attempting to do it without using the
vocabulary of any particular spiritual paradigm but rather attempting to
think from the root up.

> My main concern with it is that it leaves out chaos
> theory which I have only recently been studying. Chaos
> theory gives us a whole new slant to the magic-science
> relationship. Hope this helps.
Ah yes. And I would add that Complexity Theory is even a more
startling contribution. In fact the ramifications of some of its ideas
could well be very dangerous were they understood by people of ill
intent. Nonetheless the extremely fluid way modern science esp. Chaos
Complexity and Quantum Theorists is beginning to use the concepts of
dimensionality of spaces state phase & etc. of scale well I'd
better not get started its late & I'm busy tonight -:.
Have you begun work on the Chaos/Magic link or still just laying
the foundation? Maybe the list wouldn't mind seeing a rough draft of a
chapter if you wouldn't be adverse to posting it. I personally think it
might stimulate a wonderful discussion.

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