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Re: Animal and Monads

Nov 06, 1995 07:50 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Re: our recent conversations & re Alan's comments:

Someone mentioned that they think it isn't good for us to live too
closely with animals. My answer was that I Iove it & think I'm
learning from it.. Lateron I
remembered that CWL said someplace that when you get to being an
Arhat or some such very spiritual being you shouldn't live with
animals anymore.

Alan you talk about the Corinthians & "they all are as nothing
without love." I'm just reading a book "The Universe Is A Green
Dragon" in which the author states that the entire universe is held
together with love one example of which he says is gravity... an

You also mention spiritual connectedness. Yesterday I wrote an
answer to John Crocker to the effect that my whole training has been
to learn to paddle my own canoe to become more & more aware of
what's really going on around me & acting on it. After I sent it I
began to think about that the whole unverse is connected & that we
also need to learn to act in unison with other entities. I think
maybe this should be done by symbiosis with each entity respecting
& accepting what the other has to give & etc. rather than that it
be a masochistic/sadistic relationship with 01 lording it over the
other. I'm not sure that explains all that I mean but it's in the
ball park.

Alan you talk about "spiritual connectedness". An insight I got
about 02 years ago which meant a lot to me is that we're also
physically connected to the whole universe. When you think of the
life wave progressing from mineral to plant etc. we still have the
universe's minerals in our bodies and DNA evolved from bacilli & we
gather energy from eating vegetables & etc.

Alan - The HPB pamphlet arrived today. That was fast. Haven't had a chance
to look at it yet but thank you.


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