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Re: Animal and Monads

Nov 05, 1995 02:54 PM
by guru

> "Not one of these kingdoms ever passes through evolution or
> development or unfolding into the next higher kingdom never
> because these kingdoms refer to the rupas which shelter the
> monads. For instance the animal kingdom never becomes a human
> kingdom. the mineral never the plant and so on.

No "kingdom" can become another one - that seems reasonable
enough. Apples never become oranges.

Nor it seems to me does any animal monad become a human one
or vice versa. What humans need to realise is that there is
*no* "higher" and "lower" and no "progress" in the kingdoms
except in terms of a limited understanding - limited simply
because of the restrictions placed upon the inhabiting
intelligence by its bodily form. It's hard to send thoughts of
peace and goodwill anywhere if you are starving: the mind is
preoccupied to exclusion with thoughts of FOOD.

There may be different "kingdoms" - though I see them as states
of being - but they seem to retain their difference at all

What is to me a spiritual or monadic :- fact is that all
life is ONE incarnate and discarnate. We human monads share in
this One Life with the whole of what we call Creation. There
may be differences in quality subjectively perceived from
creature to creature being to being life to life but all are
interconnected whether they want to be or not. The Law of
Being if you will. Not only are "I and the Father or Mother"
One but so am I and the cat the wolf the dung-beetle the
dust mite the chohan the saint the sinner the theos-l
subscriber .....

However many globes chains cats mice or anything else there
may be and however satisfying our intellectual speculations
concerning them are they are all as nothing without love.
Those from Christian traditions will recall the words of Paul
in 01 Corinthians on this.

>From the Book of [ancient] Wisdom [not in protestant bibles]:

"Whoever loves wisdom loves life; and they that seek her early
shall be filled with joy."

And whoever loves life loves all of life's creatures not in
their bodily forms perhaps but in their spiritual
connectedness with "I".

Shema Israel .....

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