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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 05, 1995 05:29 PM
by Donna_Faber

< Leisel's Original Comment: Dear Bee
Agreed that we all have our own ways & opinions our own Paths. That's as it
should be. But you indicate that you're a member of a group. You mention that
of your group isn't in agreement with you channeling. From that statement one
gathers that you've been able to talk to them about it. I didn't even have
anyone to bounce my ideas off of to tell what I was just then studying my
newest esoteric discoveries. Most people around me aren't esoterically minded
.. aren't interested in Theosophcical ideas. So I felt completely isolated. I
felt like an outcast. That kind of a cold shoulder from the organization which
is nearest & dearest to you is pretty hard to take especially if you just
happen to be as I was then at a particularly difficult period in your life.>

<Donna's Comment: You know I've come across this on more than one ocassion.
As much as we wish to be trusting of our groups and our like minded
associations too many times it is proven that such groups and associations
and I think I read this in your correspondence over the last couple of days
are being treated as competitive grounds for power and influence by the people
we would like to think are friends. Status who knows more about what than
whom blah blah blah ... you name it it exists in many places and I find it
so dismal. To me the purpose of such exchanges is to somehow contribute to
one another's growth either spiritually or however you wish to say it. And a
true contribution is done with the right intentions. I find that our paths of
ten cross for that reason if we are aware of it or not. It's about control and
for many people control is a very important component to life. So perhaps
our challenge is to identify those people as they aren't exactly healthy
albeit they may have some yet unseen purpose or hold an unlearned lesson to
identify those who are truly our friends. To know where we can go when we need
support or guidance ... where it is safe. Finding a safe place can many times
be the greatest challenge of all in this crazy convoluted world.>

<Dear Donna
How is anybody who isn't there going to contribute to my growth or I to
theirs? The only friendly theosphical contact I had besides Stan Treloar in
Canada & the 02 ladies in the Wheaton library sort of was Harry & Marie.
Harry contributed a lot to my
growth but I doubt that I contributed anything to his except maybe how to
better cure the headache I gave him since he knew a lot more than I did. Marie
& I helped each other at times because Harry was
putting us both through the same strict regimen. He was like a Roshi.
I'm not talking about who controls whom I could care less. I'm talking about
feeling that I was a member of a group I belonged to. Like when somebody comes
to a PTA meeting & pays their dues they belong to the PTA & are treated as

To Leisel:

Well excuse me Louise I'm trying to lighten up here okay?. So let me ask
.. what are you worried about? What *expectations* did or do you have?
Sounds like they weren't met ... uh yeah big time. You're going to make
yourself nuts if you keep comparing things to the PTA. Yuck. Ah expectations
are a terrible thing particularly when launched effectively by hot tempers and
tempestuous people.

But seriously maybe I didn't understand what you were looking for. Care to
clarify? Or maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing.

Dismayed Donna

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